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Corruption of the Tournament Committee

I glanced from Hiei to Genkai to Botan seriously. We were all in the team’s hotel suite alone this morning. I had kicked everybody else out. Hiei is a very private person, and, no doubt, he wouldn’t want everybody to know that he was struggling to use his dominant hand right now. “Well, you’ve done […]

First Round

Just over two months had gone by since Yukina’s rescue, and, today, we were meeting at the boat that would take us to fight in the Dark Tournament. Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara and I were literally surrounded by demons who would be boarding the tiny ship with us. All that’s missing now is a certain boneheaded […]

Things Fall Apart

The trail of human and demon bodies littering the ground inside the mansion indicated that I was going in the right direction. I stepped over them carelessly, paying them no mind. The only thing that I could think of, the only thing that would calm my mind would be to see Kagome alive and well. […]

Sixth Sense

Did I ever mention exactly how little I enjoy running? Well, today, I was getting my work out that way, and I couldn’t be more pissed off about it. Not to mention that we kept getting interrupted one way or another. This time, the interruption came from Yusuke’s communicator. Somehow, he didn’t miss a beat […]

Ch- ch- Changes (Turn and Face Them)

Hiei and I led the three human spirit detectives through maze castle. Between my own keen sense of smell and Hiei’s jagan eye, the “maze” was nothing more than child’s play. I found my mind wandering to Kagome during the times where I was leading rather than following Hiei, which was quite frequent given that […]

The Gates of Betrayal

Six weeks passed with Kurama and me training together. Every day, I got stronger, more in tune with my new, demon self. I found the instincts difficult to deal with at the best of times, and, when things became overwhelming, Yoko was always at my side to guide me. I’ve quickly grown to depend on […]

Silver Kitsune

Kazemaru and I squared off against each other. Being a ninja, Kazemaru began with hand-to-hand attacks that I was barely able to defend against with the use of my supposedly massive amount of spirit energy, only occasionally getting in a hit of my own with the use of my trusty arrows in the moments where […]

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

When Botan arrived for a visit from spirit world and informed Yusuke of his new mission- let’s face it, our new mission – I immediately announced, “We didn’t even make it a week!” It was Tuesday. The end of our last mission was on Friday. Are you kidding me? At least this time, we got […]

Chance Encounters

I hopped on a bullet train late Friday night in order to spend some time with my family. Well, I spent time at home- studying. Mother had gotten ahold of my attendance for the last month or so and flipped her lid. Let’s just say that the fallout was anything but pretty. I threw in […]


If it were possible, my jaw would’ve literally been on the floor. “Shi-shippo? You. Are. Shippo? There’s no way. It’s too unlikely…” I rambled in circles- my voice soft and full of disbelief mixed in with something else. Something that I haven’t felt in a long time. It was almost a foreign feeling at this […]