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Summary: There is an old English myth that says someone who truly loved the werewolf could calm the beast and bring him home. Author’s Notes: Based on a picture prompt I found on tumblr. Day 4 of my Camp NaNoWriMo 30 Days, 30 Stories Challenge. Hermione had known that Remus Lupin was a werewolf for […]

Magician Versus Wizard

Summary: A battle scene based off a writing prompt that I wrote for Camp NaNoWriMo in 2016. Author’s Notes: Day 3 of my 30 days, 30 stories Camp NaNoWriMo challenge. Probabaly one of my weirder writing prompts: Choose your 5 favorite books (I’m including comics and manga) take the antagonist from the fist book, the […]

Little Piece of Forever

Summary: One shot time travel story. Bella is part of a triad with Jasper and Peter, but they didn’t make it out of Maria’s army. She goes into the past to take them away from their horrible fate. Author’s Notes: This was one of the first pieces of fan fiction I ever wrote. First posted […]

I Am the Storm

Summary: Nebula is a Nescerei, a sky elf, with an affinity for twisting druidic spells into the elements of the storm. One day, she finds that she must protect her home from being destroyed by a magical storm caused by wizards. Part of The Anti-Heroes of Green Nest series. Author’s Notes: This was written for […]

Word Sprint Collection – 6.7.17

Word Sprint Collection 6.7.17   Summary: Below is a collection of word sprints from 6.7.17. I am not sure how much time we were allotted, but based on what I wrote, I’d guess about five minutes. Each is based off of a prompt. Each is completely unedited and VERY incomplete. They’re just exercises in writing […]

Her Pain

She sighed.  Her back hurt and her hips felt like they were on fire.  It was hard for her to continue, but she did it anyway. She closed her eyes and tried in vain to hold the tears back.  Unbidden, they fell from the corners of her tightly closed lids and ran down her hot […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 36

Chapter 36   Alice POV   I knew before I told him ‘go’ that Charlie wouldn’t leave me, but I just had to try. Seeing him emotionally hurt like that was intensely painful… I felt like I was killing a part of myself to push him away; but seeing him ripped apart and being powerless […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 35

Chapter 35   Lovable Oaf, Badass Dudebro POV   Fuck.  My bodacious ass landed smack dab in another predicament… again… not of my creating.   I forced a smile on my face and made to follow the new badass, best-not-to-piss-off, sister of mine when I stumbled at the onslaught of emotion that hit me…   […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 34

Chapter 34   Jasper POV   Peter shook his head as he continued, “Not only will Traitorward be gone, but if we need to get to the Chief now.”   “What do you mean, traitor? Why just Charlie? What about Alice?” Esme growled.   “We can talk or we can run,” my mate growled.   […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 33

Chapter 33   Charlie POV   Fury and fear pummeled me as I ran as far as I could away from my own daughter… before Alice’s pained sounds finally stopped me.  My only thoughts were of getting my mate to safety and fixing her. I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to… to… to fix […]