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Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 37

Chapter 37   Shout out to Lost Betwixt Worlds… here’s Esme’s POV!   Esme POV     It is said that we bring most of our strengths and our weaknesses from our human life into our vampire life, that the venom enhances them, good and bad. Having lost my infant son just before the end […]

Critical Hit

Summary: Karen is a boring office worker until she finds a special 20 sided die on the street and decides to roll it. After it disappears, something amazing happens Author’s Notes: This was written based on the following prompt found on r/Writing Prompts on reddit. Special thanks to u/RetroN404 for the prompt. One day while […]

Genkai’s Wishes

Author’s Notes: This is the final chapter of Megitsune. This journey began back in 2014, and was finished in 2015. I hope that you enjoyed. If you enjoyed Megitsune, you might also enjoy a new story that I have been working on called Ginza. It is a spiritual sequel to Megitsune following some of your […]

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

After the quickest of goodbyes to Yusuke, the three monks brought Yoko and I to demon world through a different means than before. There was no dimensional portal or barrier separating us from entering. It actually quite baffled me, but I kept my mouth shut about the matter for now. When we arrived, Hokushin spoke. […]

Power Struggle

A week later, with blessings from both of my parents (go figure), I dropped out of High School. I could tell that Yusuke wanted to do the same, but he still tried to go back to normal. He said that he would try to be normal for a while before making the official decision to […]

Sensui Showdown

I defeated Amanuma, also known as Game Master, handily without much difficulty. We were playing a mind game, after all, and I had knowledge on my side. Amanuma did not understand the ramifications of Sensui’s plan. I simply informed him right before our match, which left him distracted enough to give me the advantage. Initially, […]

The End of the World

“Our group of four discovered that the dimensional distortion is not on the surface. It is likely in an underground tunnel. Spirit world will be doing more research on that over the next day or so.” Shuichi said to the room with a small smile. “Our group found a mind reader. He was able to […]


Author’s Notes: This chapter contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. By morning, Yoko was able to regain his humanoid form. It was a huge culture shock to see both the demon that I had grown to love and the human who loved me as family standing next to each other. Immediately, […]

Chapter Black

“I could go for some coffee.” I yawned. Yusuke, ever the gentleman, yawned loudly without covering his mouth. “Yeah, ever since we got back from the Dark Tournament, all I want to do is sit and watch daytime television. There’s something about Judge Judy’s voice that lulls me into sleep. Even ambien can’t do the […]

Departing Hanging Neck Island

It was Yusuke’s turn now and electricity all but crackled throughout the arena. The now customary chants of, “Kill Yusuke,” made their rounds around the expanse of the arena. The younger Toguro’s muscles seemed to contract and expand with each breath in anticipation of the upcoming battle. Yusuke, no longer afraid, stood proud and ready […]