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Popping the Cherry

Author’s Notes: TRIGGER WARNING – this chapter contains mention of child harm. Hermione sat at the teacher’s desk presiding over detention late on Friday night. The Weasley twins were working on their fifth detention of the year , and she was ready to be freed of the duty. Perhaps, she would take Argus up on […]

New Beginnings

Hermione had argued with her father that it was a stupid idea for someone who lives in the castle to travel all the way to London in order to spend a day riding on a train filled with dunderheads, and, although her father was inclined to agree, he’d won out the battle by explaining that […]


Summary: Hermione Granger may be muggleborn, but, when she learns to manipulate ley lines, she’s instantly destined for greatness. Follow her journey through the snake pit as she discovers what is means to be a ley mistress in the cut throat and political world of Slytherin House. Can the kindhearted muggleborn we know weather the […]

Caged Bird

Summary: Worlds collide as, towards the end of Kagome’s adventures in the Feudal Era, she is kidnapped and held hostage by Shinobu Sensui, who has threatened her family, forcing her cooperation in his goal to open a portal to the Demon World. What is a miko to do when pitted against Spirit Detectives, determined to […]

PoolTech, Inc.

Summary: Atarah has been working for PoolTech, Inc. for awhile now. Can she resist the boss any longer? Author’s Notes: This was written on Day 9 of my 30 Days, 30 Stories Camp NaNoWriMo Challenge. The prompt was: “You’re insane!” “I know! Isn’t it great?” My name is Atarah and I am the personal assistant […]


Summary: Every human has a personal, invisible guardian, summoned by magic words long forgotten. You’ve just said the words by accident. Author’s Note: This story was written for Day 8 of my 30 Days, 30 Stories Camp NaNoWriMo challenge. The prompt is the summary. This story was also inspired by an image a friend of […]

Worth One Thousand Words

Summary: Hermione Granger is able to see what her photographs see. There are no possible psychological consequences, right? Author’s Notes: I had a little writer’s block awhile back and I was writing a prompt trying to get back into the groove when this little fic came about. It is exactly 1000 words. To whom it […]

What Happens in the Heads Dorm Stays in the Heads Dorm

Summary: A vignette from Draco and Hermione’s seventh year in Hogwarts as the Head Boy and Girl Author’s Notes: This was written on days 10 and 11 of my Camp NaNoWriMo 30 Days, 30 Stories challenge using the following prompts: “Have you ever loved someone so much that you actually ached. It sucks. Especially when […]

T’was the Night Before Forks

Summary: This is my take on Bella’s last night in Phoenix. Author’s Notes: This drabble was written for the 2015 Better in Texas Fiction Members Only Contest. The prompt was Fire and/or ice is twice as nice. I sat on the patio to my mother’s Arizona home with a cup of cocoa in my hands […]

The Pastry Chef and the Phylactery

Summary: He visits her bakery every day, pulled there by a call that he can’t explain. The long lived wizard, searching for his lost love. Author’s Notes: IMPORTANT TRIGGER WARNING This story contains non-graphic depictions of domestic violence and non-consensual sex. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED This story was an idea that one of our group’s […]