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Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Bella POV     What? Seriously, what the fuck? I was prepared for many answers, but that one came out of left field. Vampires? I mean, I guess it kind of made sense. Dad’s eyes were a pretty freakish red color and his mustache was gone, not to mention the tons of other […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 18

Chapter 18   Charlie POV     Who did he think he was?     “Bella, I’d be happy to accompany you.”   He might be older than dirt, and think that he was some sort of big shot, but my girl could hold her own.  Sure, we were a package deal and all… a […]


Song Fic inspired by “Latch” by Disclosure Featuring Sam Smith Note: I do not own the song “Latch”, nor do I have any affiliation with either Disclosure or Sam Smith (no matter how cool I think it would be). Additionally, I do not own nor do I have any affiliation with the Twilight franchise or […]

Sharp & Glorious Thorn

A/N:  This is a completed one shot song fic.  No current plans to expand this story… it is meant to be a standalone vignette. Inspired by the song ‘Shrike’ by Hozier. Give it a listen… it’s what I listened to to set the mood for this one.  Bit of info before the story… about […]

Imaginary Forest

Miriam stopped in her tracks and looked down at her feet, puzzling at what she saw there. How did pine needles get on her balcony fifteen stories above the bustling streets of Seattle? The uncanny heat of the summer had kept away the wind and rain storms that might be able to blow debris up […]

She Wandered

She Wandered Mysterious, Loving, Reserved Many words were used to describe her.  Though few could truly call her someone that they knew with any real clarity, she certainly left impressions on many minds and quite a few hearts as well. She had decades to craft the well-constructed walls that surrounded her most inner being; she […]

Dainty, Dangerous Dianna

Dianna licked the side of the blade and hummed in quiet appreciation. The near silent zing of the sharp blade against her wet tongue was blissful music to her ears and she relished in the coppery flavor that exploded on her tastebuds. The rush of pure delight that ran through her body made her piercing […]