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Crater Love

Summary: Sakura finally confronts Sasuke after all these years. Author’s Notes: This story won Third Place in the “They Done Me Wrong” category in Better in Texas Fiction’s Sweethearts- 29 Days of Love contest in 2016. It also won Second Place in the “Crazy Love” category in the same contest. Sakura stood quivering before a […]

Codename: F.U.B.A.R.

Summary: In the ninja world, torture is a reality that even academy students must come to terms with. Author’s Notes: This story was inspired by the writing prompt: “I’m not sick. I’m twisted. Sick makes it sound like there’s a cure.” Anko loomed over the blonde boy with lust in her eyes. With each stroke […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 16

Chapter 16   ? POV   Her taut nipples pressed deliciously into the marble flesh of my chest, her body molding perfectly into mine as she sat facing me on my lap. Her slender legs were straddling my left thigh and she was grinding against me in time with her panting breaths. With a delicious […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Charlotte POV     “This is some shit only white people can come up with!” Ty crowed, nearly doubled over in laughter at poor Bella’s predicament. “Oh, homie, shit’s just gettin’ good,” Peter alluded, the idiot further succumbing to his laughter fit. Before Ty even began his retort, Jasper’s near continuous growl stopped […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Alice POV     The feel of his hand in my own was more blissful than I had seen it would be.  Visions could never fully encapsulate every aspect of every possible future.  I knew it would be good… but the actual sensations…   We went just until we crossed the marked scent […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Charlotte POV     Well, this was a fine mess. I’d known that Peter was too giddy for some damned reason and that reason had now come to light. Damned fool always has been too much of a sucker for drama! Damn that Jerry Springer for encouraging this kind of behavior in society… […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Alice POV     Damn it, Damn it, Sonnova Bitch! Things weren’t supposed to work out exactly like this. I tried to loosen my grip on the steering wheel of the Porsche as I sped through the Canadian wilderness. Without Jasper’s calming influence, it was hard to regulate my own emotions when they […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One, Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Bella POV     I was right. Our return trip to the place of our fantastic escape was much shorter than our run from it. The shortest distance between two spaces is a straight line. Isn’t that what I learned in geometry? Well, here we were, back where our ‘vampire adventure’ had started. […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Emmett POV   Funny how just a few weeks ago I was wishing for some excitement; I’d pretty much given up on that wish until Hurricane Isabella rolled into sleepy old Forks. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t fair to name the cluster-fuck of epic proportions after the poor girl. All she did was […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 10

Chapter 10   Jasper POV     Twenty five days. The Swans had been gone for twenty five long mother fucking days. Alice knew a lot more than she was telling me; only Peter’s knower letting him ‘know’ everything would work out kept me somewhat sane. Somewhat.   Every one of my instincts screamed at […]