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Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Emmett POV   Funny how just a few weeks ago I was wishing for some excitement; I’d pretty much given up on that wish until Hurricane Isabella rolled into sleepy old Forks. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t fair to name the cluster-fuck of epic proportions after the poor girl. All she did was […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 10

Chapter 10   Jasper POV     Twenty five days. The Swans had been gone for twenty five long mother fucking days. Alice knew a lot more than she was telling me; only Peter’s knower letting him ‘know’ everything would work out kept me somewhat sane. Somewhat.   Every one of my instincts screamed at […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Bella POV     Dad & I had been roaming in the wilds of some Canadian islands for a few weeks now. I was still angry & constantly growling, but Dad had figured out a few tricks to help keep me calm. Oddly enough, learning about sports was one of the things that […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 7

Chapter 7   Charlie POV     Bella had taken the limited information that I had to offer about vampires with surprising ease.  Well, other than the fact that she couldn’t quit growling and, that my sweet, shy, docile daughter had turned into a much scarier version of her old self.   I never would’ve imagined […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Jasper POV     Edward still writhed in pain, in pieces, on the ground. His screams of agony were music to my ears; and that music was right up there with Skynard’s performance at the Ozark Music Festival in ’74. The Swans, now that was a different story all together. Their cries wrenched […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Edward POV     Fucking bitch. Alice didn’t trust my control. MY control? She’s the one that’s mated to a monster. I’m not the one who must be reminded on a regular basis that “humans are friends, not food.” Now thanks to my less than forthcoming sister, I am in the woods, trying […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 1

Chapter 1  Bella POV     Ugh. Just, ugh. Guess it’s a much more positive sentiment than I expected to be able to express after my first day on display. I all things considered, my first day at Forks High could have been worse. Having moved often with my capricious, lovable, hairbrained mom multiple times […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 3

 Chapter 3 Alice POV     That son of a bitch. I’m going to kill that messy haired motherfucker as soon as I get my hands around his sparkling neck. What was he even doing here? I’d warned him away from her, at least until I could help him to get used to her scent. […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Bella POV     Damnit! This fucking hurts! First, my dad gets attacked all zombie-like and the next thing I know, I’m on fucking fire. Is this hell? I mean, I know I’m sno saint, but never thought that I was headed for fire and brimstone and shit like that. Finally, I can […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Bella POV     What? Seriously, what the fuck? I was prepared for many answers, but that one came out of left field. Vampires? I mean, I guess it kind of made sense. Dad’s eyes were a pretty freakish red color and his mustache was gone, not to mention the tons of other […]