Dainty, Dangerous Dianna

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Dianna licked the side of the blade and hummed in quiet appreciation. The near silent zing of the sharp blade against her wet tongue was blissful music to her ears and she relished in the coppery flavor that exploded on her tastebuds. The rush of pure delight that ran through her body made her piercing blue eyes slide closed. Her plaything stopped it’s incessant blubbering at the sight; her toys often were quieted by the sight of her maniacal joy. The momentary silence stunned her; it always did. Her eyes popped back opened and took their time focusing on the once again blubbering waste of human flesh that was tied to the table in her soundproofed playroom.

With the way he was carrying on, one would think she’d done more than barely run the blade along his forearm. She wasn’t ready to really get started yet, but she did like to give her playthings a tiny preview. Unlike her playthings, she liked to give her victims hints as to what was to come.

With a sigh of exasperation, Dianna ran her slender fingers over the strong brow of her latest toy. “Shhhh. Don’t worry, babe. Relax. I’ll take care of you.”

His muddy brown eyes widened in horror and his struggles began anew. The damp sweat that already covered his body began to flow even faster with his adrenaline boost. He recognized those words. He would… they were his own words.


Dianna swept her wavy brown locks shyly from her porcelain face as she silently scanned the crowd. She knew he would be here tonight. It was Ladies Night, after all. He never missed ladies night.

She held back a sigh as yet another frat boy filled to the brim with liquid courage approached her. He was brash and crude, but not enough to warrant her attention. Despite what young Todd thought, the last thing he wanted was Dianna’s attention.

As soon as the dejected young blonde left her to return to his friends, she spotted her plaything. After months, tonight she would finally release the pent up tension that her newest prey had caused.

She knew his MO. She’d seen it all before… but this one was a particular piece of work. He’d been a bit craftier than the others before him, but she’d not been fooled for long. The police still had no idea that the rash of rapes was the work of a serial rapist. She’d figured it out months ago.

Her instructor had taught her well.


Her plaything was getting extra smelly. She hadn’t even started her fun time yet and he’d already pissed himself. Again. The ones that viewed themselves as the tough guys always broke hardest and fastest.

And smelliest.

She’d have to hose him off before she started things. Dianna hated to start playtime with a messy canvas. With nimble and gentle fingers, she used her trusty blade to slice the clothes from her plaything’s body. Despite his yelps and flinches, she inflicted not a single scratch on him as she removed his clothing. With practiced ease, she worked around the limitations of the steel table and the leather straps, soon leaving his skin all on display.

Dianna hummed in appreciation and ran her index finger down the abdomen of her plaything. She couldn’t hide her smirk of delight as his flaccid member twitched at her touch.

“Now, that wasn’t very nice of you,” she admonished with a shake of her head. “I am trying to clean you up and you jump and jerk all over the place. Now, you be a good boy, place nice, and let me wash you up.”

She licked her lips and bit her bottom lip. Her blood red nails scraped down his thighs and he hissed in agonized delight. His once flaccid cock bobbed and nodded as if agreeing with her.

“Now, I’m sorry that this water is so cold. It might be a bit of a shock. But, you can’t exactly expect me to start having fun with your body when it’s… well… you know what you’re covered in” Dianna admonished with a sneer and shake of her head.

Her plaything looked at her with wide eyes and merely nodded.

His screams of shock and pain when she turned the sprayer on him were delightful. Soon, she had out her stiff scrub brush and the dish detergent and was cleaning up her canvas. She hummed happily along to a tune only she knew, but the plaything was so damned loud that he didn’t even hear the playful ditty.


She watched him as he watched the other women in the club. He typically went for the more outgoing women. He went for the women that men noticed. That’s why she blended in and wasn’t so noticeable tonight. The fact that young Todd had even hit on her had been a testament to how inebriated he was.

In many ways, her own moves mirrored his. When his downturned eyes lit up the moment he selected his victim, so too did hers. She was so excited that he was about to make his move as it meant that she could make hers. As he got up to follow his chosen victim, so too did she. He never noticed the unassuming brunette woman with a slight and willowy frame that was shadowing his every move.

She reached into her purse for the clove cigarettes; they were easier for her to stomach and a necessary prop. She knew he was going outside to watch his chosen victim smoke; she had to do the same.

Her plaything didn’t even notice her, despite the fact that Dianna slipped out the door immediately after him. He was so focused on the woman who he intended to harm that he didn’t notice Dianna at all. That was exactly how she wanted it. The shadows were the best place for people like her anyway.

He licked his lips as the buxom blonde shook her lighter in frustration. Trying to appear a gentleman, he offered her a light. She preened under his attention but turned away when a more attractive man came out into the makeshift smoking area.

Her plaything disliked the perceived slight. Dianna fed off of his frustration. Normally when her playthings got frustrated, they got sloppy. When they got sloppy, things were easier for Dianna. While the hunt was nice, sometimes a bit of a break wasn’t too bad. Sure, she always got her man, even without any distractions. She was trained by the best, after all. But she was only one woman; one small woman who weighed one hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. Muscle mass wasn’t something she had lots of.

Nice to have some assistance from the goddamn big lugs when she could get it.


He whimpered as she shut the water off. Her canvas was now a bright, clean pink. The cold water and harsh bristles had done wonders to the stench. The bubbly water ran down the drain hole in the floor in a wonderful symphony of drippy droppy sounds.

“There,” Dianna sighed, feeling very pleased with herself. “You know, you really didn’t have to thrash around so much,” she admonished. “I warned you that the water was cold. You made that much more unpleasant than it had to be, silly,” clucking her tongue, she continued on, “you only served to make me angry.”

Dianna stopped her trek around the playroom to focus on her plaything. She wanted to see his reaction to her next words.

“We could have had so much fun, sweetheart. It’s too bad you had to go and be a bitch,” Dianna relished in the myriad of emotions that crossed his face as she spoke. His confusion morphed into recognition; his recognition morphed into the perverted bliss of his own memories; and the perverted bliss of his own memories morphed into pure, unadulterated fear.

Her plaything was mad. His intended victim had brushed him off.

She’d seen him like this before.

For someone who was such an observer of others, he sure was oblivious to being observed himself. Dianna was almost certain that he wouldn’t even notice a van full of police outside of his house.

If she let him carry on as he had been, perhaps a van-o-cops would be posted up outside his place. He had been fairly careful so far, with the exception of that one time, but tonight’s anger might be the tipping point. She couldn’t allow that. She wanted to play, not be his keeper again.
Dianna thought back to his fourth victim; she’d blown him off, too. He’d been so mad that when he’d finished with Victim Four, she’d had to be identified by dental records. If Dianna hadn’t been keeping an eye on him that night, he’d probably already be in custody.

Fucking idiot had left his condom behind.

Dianna had cleaned up as much as needed to keep his identity a secret; she didn’t want him to end up in jail after all.

Dianna smiled. Plaything shuddered.

He was starting to understand.

Throwing their own words back in their faces always had that effect.

“I… you…” he started, clearly flustered.

Dianna merely nodded, her eyes encouraging him to make the next logical leap in his mind.

“You watched me?” he asked. Dianna could easily see the effect that having an audience had on his psyche. He loved it. His member once again twitched, quickly filling with blood at the thought of his previous victims.

“Oh, I’ve been watching you a long, long time, Plaything. You’ve demanded quite a bit of my time lately. Been a very busy, very naughty boy.” she allowed her tongue to caress the word naughty. Her tones further excited him.

His confusion was nearly palpable. Dianna could tell that his mind was racing, he was looking for some way to get out of this situation. He didn’t comprehend the situation clearly.

Dianna comprehended completely. She’d crafted the situation; of course she understood it. She almost wished he’d find a way to challenge her… she had mastered this bit and hadn’t had a surprise in quite a while. The chances of his escape were nonexistent.

“Now, we’re going to play a little game,” she began, again using his own words. Plaything again pulled in vain against the buckles that held him firmly in place. Despite his fear, his excitement remained.

“If you’re nice, I’ll be nice,” she cooed as she eyed his still pink flesh and the now puckered forearm wound. He had tasted so tangy. She wondered if he tasted like that everywhere.


Dianna followed him back inside the bar. His victim had rebuffed him and he was sulking.
Seizing the opportunity, Dianna waited patiently at the bar to order a neat Scotch, his prefered drink.

All men liked attention.

Casting her eyes down as if she were feeling shy, Dianna approached him. He didn’t notice at first as he was focusing all his angry attention on the woman that he hoped to rape later.

Quietly clearing her throat finally called his attention in her direction.

“Um, I, uh, I was wondering if you wanted to have a drink with me,” she muttered, looking into the drink. To the untrained eye, she would appear to be feeling too shy to meet his eyes. In actuality, she was checking to make sure that the rohypnol that she’d put into his drink had dissolved.

He looked at her dismissively, ready to rebuff her when he saw the drink in her hand. Never one to pass free booze, he grabbed the glass from her hand with a dismissive nod. He made no show of hiding the way his eyes assessed her body.

Dianna braced herself, hating this part of the act. She was so close. She couldn’t let her disgust win out. She had to keep the act up just a bit longer….


She couldn’t help the words that tumbled out of her mouth. Oh, how she wish she’d stopped time.


He didn’t know how to answer. He was used to being in control, but the lack of it didn’t scare him as much as it had the others.

“You want to taste me?” he asked, clearly confused.

“Yes, I do,” she hesitated. Allowing her eyes to travel down his torso, she stopped where she knew he wanted her attention to be focused.

“Do you want me to taste you… there?” she asked feigning innocence.

“Please…” he begged. She could tell he was desperate.

“Close your eyes… I’m shy…” she stated.

“Fucked if you’re shy,” he started

“Close them!” she screamed, thrusting the knife into the air as if to stab it.

“Whatever you say,” he said

As soon as his eyes slid shut, Dianna smiled. With speed and accuracy that a skilled surgeon would envy, she took the knife and made a slit up each side of his erect shaft, just deep enough to draw blood. She was done before the pain registered. When it did, he screamed. Loud.

He seemed confused. She’d said she wanted to taste him. She’d been referring to his blood. She didn’t know what he expected.

Fucking men…


“Whoa there,” Dianna said. Plaything was far handsier than she anticipated. She was honestly surprised that he wasn’t more out of it after the roofy.

“Where’d you say we’re goin’?” he asked again. So many damn questions.

“Didn’t you want to show me your shiny new van?” she asked, knowing how he usually got his own victims to leave the bar once they’d been dosed.

“I didn’t tell you about my van, did I? Pretty sure that I was gonna show it to that stuck up blonde bitch…” he started his rant.

“Oh, you told me all about it. New model, all the bells and whistles. You’re very proud of it,” she hated simpering like this, but until he was secured, she had to keep feeding his fragile ego.

He sucked in a giant breath when the cool night air hit him. Before he could pull her towards where she knew his rape mobile was parked, she gently pulled him towards her own van. While she’d be able to use his, she didn’t want the hassle of giving it a proper cleaning before dumping the thing. Plus, she hated having to adjust seats.


Dianna paused. She really hated it when they cried. And calling names? Well… that was really uncalled for.

He started again, “You’re one fucking sick bitch!”

She laughed. He thought she was sick? Ha! If only…

“Oh… no. You’re mistaken. I’m not sick. That would imply that there’s a cure. Oh… there’s no cure for me. I’m twisted. There’s a distinct difference.”

“Fuc-” she couldn’t let him continue to disparage her, so she thrust the knife into his thigh. It hit bone and she smiled. She’d not intended to go deep so soon, but he’d really pissed her off. Normally, she liked to play around with the knife a bit more, carve up the skin. But… she could only take so much fucking filth from the mouth of this fucking rapist.

Her plaything was screaming again. It really was a lovely sound. She considered waiting for him to stop screaming, but he one was going to be one of those.

Dianna sighed and tapped the handle of the knife roughly, causing his screams to ramp up again. She blew her hair back from her forehead and smiled. The was the part she really liked…

With anticipated glee, Dianna drew the knife quickly from the wound and smiled.


“Why’re we goin’ to yer van again, dollface?” Plaything asked.

“Well, because you’re a gentlemen. You like to make ladies happy, right?” she was so close. Just a few more feet and she could open the back and push the disgusting bastard in. He was so drugged that securing him would be a breeze. She just had to keep him moving….

The drugs in his system didn’t stop his leer. “Oh, I’m gonna make you so fuckin’ happy, babe,” he slurred.

“Yes, you will.” She smiled as she spoke. He was right. So very right.

Dianna’s smile was genuine.

Dianna was going to play. Dianna was happy. Dianna was twisted.

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