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A few weeks had passed since Brook and Holly officially became a couple, and, although they had no qualms with their relationship thus far, there were still things that they were getting used to. Shockingly enough, kissing was one of them. There was more than one occasion where they would be kissing one another in […]

Back to Reality

The events with James had happened on the evening of eighth day, so they’d had the weekend to relax and recover, but, when the morning of first day came the following week, Holly was having a rough time. Everything would be different when she returned to school today. James would be gone, and her friends […]

Freedom of Movement

Morning came and went, but Holly, for once, slept through it. She awoke in Brook’s dimly lit bedroom, laying alone on his bed. This was the best rest she’d had in a long time. The half-elf was nowhere to be found, so she crawled out of bed, opening the door to the hallway. She could […]

Dropping Some Dead Weight

Author’s Note: TRIGGER WARNING Hey everybody, If you read no other author’s note, please read this one. In case the story rating, the archive warnings, or the numerous tags didn’t warn you, please PLEASE read them now. This chapter contains attempted sexual assault. If you’re not okay with reading that, please do not. ~Lord_Cog & […]

When it Rains, It Pours

When morning came, Holly was the first of the children to awaken. Her eyes opened quickly without a bit of grogginess, and she found them resting on Brook’s form, laying on the couch in much the same way he was the night before. Her eyes studied him, sweeping over his features, and wondering when he […]

When Lightning Strikes

Brook and Holly were making their way to school for the gods only knew what time. It was a cloudy and windy day, causing Holly to be more worried about her hair than the actual walk. Brook rolled his eyes and just kept marching forward, quickly leaving her behind. She called out for him, and […]

Mending the Gap

The weekend was long and sad for Brook. He had slept a lot over the last few days. His mind had raced between Holly and what their future was going to be like. Apparently, to Holly, they would be just friends and nothing more. Brook didn’t like that thought at all, but that was reality, […]

Growing Distance

There was a slight breeze that hung throughout the air, cooling everything. Holly was walking home from school, idly kicking a rock ahead of her with every other step. Brook was a few steps back meandering his way back to his house. They were both silent except for their breathing, not that they needed to, […]

Teenage Wasteland

Holly’s eyes opened with the dawn. She sighed. It had been another sleepless late night the night before, and she had only gone to bed once she’d finished tinkering with and enchanting another project. She wasn’t entirely happy with how it turned out, but she could always refine it later. Rolling out of bed, she […]

Time Goes On

The next few months were hard on the family, but, then again, dealing with death can be hard. Vlad seemed to be the first to move on, but, in reality, it was him just trying to be the strong one for everyone to lean on. Pyria was dealing with it relatively well, but she knew […]