Story Prompt

She Wandered

She Wandered Mysterious, Loving, Reserved Many words were used to describe her.  Though few could truly call her someone that they knew with any real clarity, she certainly left impressions on many minds and quite a few hearts as well. She had decades to craft the well-constructed walls that surrounded her most inner being; she […]


Summary: Today’s the day, Trudi’s 18th birthday, and everybody important is there. Her word, maybe phrase, will appear any minute, but her life is much more complicated than that. A/N: This work is based off the following writing prompt: On everyone’s 18th birthday at noon, one word appears on their skin, depicting their career or […]

Dainty, Dangerous Dianna

Dianna licked the side of the blade and hummed in quiet appreciation. The near silent zing of the sharp blade against her wet tongue was blissful music to her ears and she relished in the coppery flavor that exploded on her tastebuds. The rush of pure delight that ran through her body made her piercing […]