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When a Door Closes

Summary: Kagome Higurashi was once your average teenage girl. Now, she’s the doppelganger of a long dead priestess who saved the world by travelling 500 years into the past. Trying to pick up the fragments of her former life in modern day Japan, Kagome learns that her once simple life is not simple at all. […]

Controlling Fate

The group came back together after their allotted hour, and traded the myriad of information they’d gleaned from the reconnaissance mission. Some were still wearing sets of ill-gotten cultists robes, looking positively nefarious in the dark robes and masks of the dragon worshipping lunatics. “Alright.” Kalinthe spoke up quickly after the last of the information […]

Cyanwrath’s Challenge

To Xanth, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath was but another obstacle in his ascent to power. It hadn’t even been 5 minutes after their fight against the dragon, Lenathon, ended before this pompous, over-stuffed half dragon appeared with a challenge; fight him fair and square and he agreed to leave peaceably, but, if anybody should attempt to interfere, […]

Don’t Call Us Heroes

Kalinthe was positive that he would be sent back to hell in order to experience his final death this night. He looked from face to face at each of his strangely acquired comrades (Xanth, Nebula, Ellie, Zephyr, Boar, Malek, and Ramasha), and shook his head at the ridiculousness of the situation he’d found himself in. […]

Will of the Gods

Kalinthe watched in disgust as Xanth gnawed on the desecrated remains of an unfortunate noble whom he’d bumped into yesterday along with another warlock friend of his. The soul reaper found himself glad that he’d been otherwise occupied during that particular epoch, realizing that watching his comrade rend flesh from bone would have elicited further […]

Death Blossom Inn

Kalinthe, The Reaper of Souls. That’s what they called him in inns and taverns up and down the coast of The Sea of Swords. He would often listen to the tales they told while nursing a strong mug of ale, shrouded in the darkest corner of the pub. He smiled secretly to himself at the […]

Kalinthe’s Rise

Summary: My group of friends did the Hoard of the Dragon Queen as one of our first campaigns together. This series is a combination of all of our stories. The first chapter of this story is a re-post of my friend, KataLagim’s story “Kalinthe’s Rise”, which was originally posted on deviantart. His thoughts drifted again […]


Summary: What would you do if you were told the survival rate for a cure was one in ten? The odds are stacked against you, but the choice is this or certain death. Author’s Notes: Part two of The Outbreak Series. Also Day 6 of my Camp NaNoWriMo 30 Days, 30 Stories Challenge. The prompt: […]

Initial Infection

Summary: The Outbreak is a zombie story about an incredibly introverted character that survives the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse-mostly because of several at home movie marathons. Follow her nonsensical adventures trying to survive in these dark times. Author’s Notes: The Outbreak is a series that can be read as one story or as a […]


Draco and Hermione sat in the quiet part of the library near the restricted section at a well-worn wooden table that had two darkly colored knots on one side of its surface. Hermione knew this because they’d sat in the same spots at the same table for the past week. From her time spent at […]