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But I Did It Anyway – Chapter 3

Jasper POV   She’d been burning for almost six hours by the time we arrived at the Colorado Place.  If the fuckin’ Cullens hadn’t been so nosey and holier n’ thou, we’d have made it before she’d been burning for five.     At least by the time I got her settled, she’d mostly screamed […]

But I Did It Anyway – Chapter 2

Bella POV ~~~~~BIDIA~~~~~   All week long, I’d been watching him watching me.  Jasper Hale.  The only adopted member of the Dr. and Mrs. Cullen’s family not involved in some sort of ‘scandalous’ relationship with one of the other incomparably beautiful Cullen/Hale clan.   It seemed everywhere I went at school, I saw him.  When […]

Saved Another Life

Saved Another Life   It was getting old.  Why did she always have to be the one to be all benevolent and shit?  The other demigods could step it up once in awhile. But nooooo. Nope.  She was the bleeding heart. Always had been. She couldn’t help it that she felt for the beings that […]

Lost Them

Found a website where you get prompted by several parameters.  Did a quick one shot.  This is it.    Prompt: An easy-going 48 year-old woman A foolish 30 year-old woman The story begins in a psychiatric hospital Something precious has been lost It’s a story about pride Your character bites off more than she can chew  Lost Them “I cannot […]

Unlucky Luke

Unlucky Luke Luke grinned at the brunette across the bar, sure that his trademark left cheek dimple would make her finally look his way. He contemplated throwing in a finger-gun aimed at her heart, but didn’t want to be too over the top.  Once again, she ignored him. This isn’t normal.  Luke thought.  He was […]

But I Did It Anyway – Chapter 1

…But I Did It Anyway She wasn’t supposed to be mine, Alice and Edward had always been so goddamn adamant about that. Stupid damn fools. Maybe if they hadn’t made her the forbidden fruit, I wouldn’t have been so heavily tempted.   The dynamic duo had so long painted me the family bad boy that the […]

Can’t Feel

Can’t Feel Oliver had always felt like he was on the fringe of life looking in.  He was a good enough guy; he just lacked the confidence to jump in and experience life as those around him seemed to do with such ease.  How they could open themselves up so easily to be hurt, he […]

Swans – Buy One, Get One – Chapter 37

Chapter 37   Shout out to Lost Betwixt Worlds… here’s Esme’s POV!   Esme POV     It is said that we bring most of our strengths and our weaknesses from our human life into our vampire life, that the venom enhances them, good and bad. Having lost my infant son just before the end […]

Critical Hit

Summary: Karen is a boring office worker until she finds a special 20 sided die on the street and decides to roll it. After it disappears, something amazing happens Author’s Notes: This was written based on the following prompt found on r/Writing Prompts on reddit. Special thanks to u/RetroN404 for the prompt. One day while […]

Genkai’s Wishes

Author’s Notes: This is the final chapter of Megitsune. This journey began back in 2014, and was finished in 2015. I hope that you enjoyed. If you enjoyed Megitsune, you might also enjoy a new story that I have been working on called Ginza. It is a spiritual sequel to Megitsune following some of your […]