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Writing Exercises Great generators: name, plot, and on and on…. So many resources…. EFT
Novel Software This is a product I purchased to work on a novel length story I am working on.  It is wonderful for organizing all aspects of a story. … EFT
Texas Monthly – Colorful Sayings Because I am writing a story that has a southern folks and  I need refreshers on southern lingo from from time to time…
Wikipedia Might seem silly – but I look LOTS of things up.  My search history… ugh… EFT
Pacemaker An intuitive word count tracker to help you set and meet writing goals… Mrs. A
Pinterest This ismy number one go to for inspiration. I create a board and pin anything that might help me if I get stuck on a project. I often include actors/actresses for each character, settings, and other fun items that can help get me through a slump… Mrs. A.




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