We are just four ladies who have a vision…

The spark that began Fictionated started long before the simple founding of a website. It started when we became frustrated with other writing platforms for a multitude of reasons. We found ourselves saying, “if I was in this website’s place, I would…”, and, over time, over many writing platforms, we decided to take the challenge of creating and running our own site. Creating Fictionated.com on September 23, 2017.

We’re not going to say that ours is the penultimate answer to the perfect writing site. We’re not conceited enough to think that, but we’d like to think that, given time, we might build and create an active community of authors, artists and readers that support one another, build each other up, and uplift the spirit.

Fictionated was created under the premise that an author doesn’t have to censor themselves, post their best work, and hope they don’t get flamed. Call us hippies, but we’re all about that peace, love, live and let live stuff. Fictionated was created to build relationships between an artist of any kind and their fan base, and, most importantly, it was created to enhance the user experience as a reader or even a lurker. We know that some of you desperately want to participate, but, maybe, you’re not so into the creation part of things. Our goal is to allow even you, dear lurker, a chance to join in on the fun if you’re so inclined. If not, no pressure. We’re introverts; we get it. You stay out of our bubble, and we’ll stay out of yours.

But, what if we told you that there’s bacon in it for you? That’s right. We’re ready to offer you 100% USDA Certified Grade A fake bacon points. What? Did you hear that correctly? Yes, you did. As you use Fictionated.com more and more, you’ll earn yourself so crisp, juicy, mouthwatering internet bacon. Don’t like bacon, you say? Well, good. More for us. Stay away from our bacon!

Ahem… As we were saying, our vision is to create a cohesive place for readers, writers, and artists to post their work and collaborate. As for the name? Yeah, we know it’s not a real word, but Fictionated just feels right, like your favorite pair of jeans or that much loved t-shirt that’s going to have to be brought to pasture soon. We get it, really. Grammar is something important to us , but, sometimes, once you know the rules, they’re made to be broken.

If you’ve made it this far, you must either be entertained, dedicated, or certifiable, which means that a welcome is in order. Come one, come all, and welcome to Fictionated.com.

Your Founders,

EllieFayeT, Lady Vader, MrsAlderaan, and Noravei