Welcome to Fictionated.com. A website for our own personal creative works. As for the name? Yeah, we know it’s not a real word, but Fictionated just feels right, like your favorite pair of jeans or that much loved t-shirt that’s going to have to be put out to pasture soon. We get it, really. Grammar is something important to us, but, sometimes, once you know the rules, they’re made to be broken.

How’d we meet? Why did we form this site?

Once upon a time, there was a website called BetterInTexasFiction.ning.com. There, a man known by many names, BetterInTexas, Jason, BossMan, created a place where not only did he post his own works of fanfic and original works of fiction, but he also created an environment for others to do so as well. It was there that MrsAlderaan and EllieFayeT first ‘met’.

Over time, a word-nerd friendship was formed. After a fashion, the friendship moved away from just the chats they had on various writing sites to their own personal emails and soon, cell phones. Soon, not only was writing a topic of conversation, but all aspects of the actual personal lives of both. Then… a real friendship was formed. Often, during video chats, MrAlderaan (a.k.a. AlderaanGaming) would often joke about the two being ‘friendly internet strangers’ or ‘wordy potential axe murderers’. Finally, thanks to PAX West 2017, Mrs&MrAlderaan traveled to the Seattle area to attend and they stayed with the T-family and their matriarch, EllieFaye.

The two were no longer just strange internet friends, but could claim real life pal-dom. Especially after hugs were exchanged… and no murders occured.

When the ladies found out that the site that they first met on and kindled their friendship was going to close down, they decided to create their own site. After forming some overly-ambitious ideas and then doing damn near nothing with it for over a year, they revamped their original website idea and reworked it into something more doable considering the website skillsets the two possessed.

If you’ve made it this far, you must either be entertained, dedicated, or certifiable, which means that a welcome is in order. Come one, come all, and welcome to Fictionated.com.

Fictionated.com. A place to read, write & create.

Look around. Enjoy. Just… don’t be an asshole. Call us hippies, but we’re all about that peace, love, live and let live stuff. We reserve the right to remove assholes with great prejudice.

Who are we?


A.K.A.: Ellen, Ellie, Mom, Wifey

Lives in: Constant Anxiety… oh… wait… Puget Sound Region

Born: 1980, In the foothills of Mt. Rainier

Sign: Aquarius

Got into writing: In elementary school, but let life bury those interests for years. Rediscovered in 2015 thanks in large part to BetterInTexas (BossMan).

Other forms of creating: I do these for fun, but suck at many of ‘em – photography, arts & crafts, crochet, cooking, bbq, gardening, decorating, singing, dancing.

Other interests: People watching, shopping, talking about deep and mysterious things, thinking about shit I’ll never do, making lists, family time, board games, my kittehs, fantasy football, various and sundry other things.

Day Job: I help the spousal unit with a few businesses we own. I also mom the hell outta my kids.

Family: Spouse, two spawn and two cats that adopted us.

Funny Tidbit: Ellie dorks HARD. As often as possible. Even when dorking isn’t allowed, she finds a way. Even at the gynecologist.


A.K.A.: Shan, Shannie, Bee (exclusively for use by EllieFayeT)

Lives in: A haze of caffeine and stress eating, but, really, I never moved away from where I was born. Speaking of which…

Born: The Grand Canyon State

Sign: Libra

Got into writing: Started writing fanfiction before I knew it was a common thing. Just took off from there.

Other forms of creating: Knitting. Drawing- badly. Dungeons and Dragons character creation and world building.

Other interests: Spreadsheets. Food. Video games, mostly strategy.

Day Job: Mild mannered assistant

Family: Husband and father in law that comes home from working at the hospital with gross stories

Funny Tidbit: Mornings are so hard that Brunch is now known as Blunch around my house… I blame lack of coffee.

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